Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Tahira Ranch

DJ Cowboy Crawford
This may be my favorite text ever received. "We are having fun building the Tahira Ranch."

Why do I love this? Because there was obvious shared joy in this project and the way they honored me with this simple text made me incredibly happy. You know when a team is having enough fun building anything to stop and tell you about it - well your guests are going to be blown away. 

Cowboy Ring Leaders survey the scene
It all began at work one day when the discussion began about the need for a "unique teambuilding concept" and I said "Call the boys in the Callaghan." What was a bit of an off hand suggestion became a memorable day and living proof about how amazing collaboration can create a simply awesome guest experience.

Everyone who touched this project added to it, culminating in an event that had a site added to in ways we could not have imagined, with an unprecedented level of detail, an eye to safety at all times, and at its core, a day the guests will long remember.  This would have been an easy project to take the first (good) concept and run with it, but as we looked collectively at the overall goals of the meeting and objectives of the client, those involved took the responsibility to go the extra mile, and revisions were undertaken, and approved. An incredible amount of energy was brought to implementing the ideas that required thought, effort and enthusiasm to bring to life. The end product, simply outstanding. We were open to ideas, to sharing collectively, to collaborating, to trust in our partners and the result exceeded all expectations.

They say I inspired them, and if this is the end result, then I sure hope to keep inspiring everyone I have the opportunity to partner with. Allen, Craig, Krystle and all the cowboys - we can't wait to come back!!