Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Word of the Day-Genuine

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@bifnaked Word of The Day: Genuine

My question is, would you choose another way to be? 

My feeling is that being anything else would simply take more energy than I have. Essentially, what you see is what you get, good or sometimes not so good, being human and all. When I am excited about something, I will share my joy and passion and when I disagree with something, you will know that too.  When I see reasons to celebrate, I will bring you along with me, and I hope you are ready to share the ride!

We live in a world that is tough, expensive, and highly imperfect, where we will have incredible opportunities, great joy, crushing disappointment and challenges which may be related to work, health, family or a specific event we are working on that will take energy to overcome. When you are genuine in sharing times of joy and times of need, you will be amazed at the support you receive, I know I am always fortunate to have support from often unexpected places, and hope that in turn I can genuinely support others.

I agree with Bif, be genuine. Have an authentic day, and do what you need to do.