Friday, April 2, 2010

it's all about Mii

I have got to be mii, me, mii! Oh to watch the next generation and c them gro. to see how their virtual world collides with the real world. it is gr8. i (heart) the generation growing up so quickly and rapidly catching us and I long to b so quick to embrace change. and 2 send all my thoughts in 140 characters. definitely not yet!

We need to embrace the opportunities in SMS and tweeting and learning new ways to connect with our colleagues, peers and participants in programs - it is no longer about the keynote presenter's message but about the response to the keynote's message AS IT IS HAPPENING. Our audiences are now texting each other, updating their facebook statuses and tweeting their thoughts from the minute the speaker starts.

The only differentiator we truly have is to be able to deliver the best experience in real time! This is the je ne sais quoi that keeps us fascinated by this challenging industry in this interesting time - the belief that we can create an experience that inspires positive tweets, texts, blogs and pictures that show the beauty and magic that we create with environments and events that are gr8, and deliver to the individual needs of our many mii's! We (heart) this industry!

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