Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Events and Food - Critical to Success

I LOVE FOOD! I saw this today and it reminded me - I am not alone! I am not the only one who likes talking food - Food talk at SXSW is 3:1 a favorite subject on Twitter (with 300,000+ tweets) over talk about sessions or events!

I like planning for food, poring through group menus searching for standout items, I even like grocery shopping! I like making food with and for friends and family, talking about food, being on TV sharing dinner parties and for events considering the impacts of good nutrition on body and brain.  

Understanding the choices we make on behalf of our attendees by how it affects our brain at events is a recently understood and still under-utilized tool for creating more engagement and participation at events. I feel so fortunate to have connected this year and presented sessions with Andrea Sullivan (SPINCon and FICP in 2011) on how we can choose menus that support learning in partnership with venues and their Chefs. I look forward to continuing these discussions!

Food is memory. Whether it is a favorite family meal, a great night out, or a special event with delicious food artfully prepared and presented, or paired with wine and the environment to make something special... great food and all its sensory elements enhances our experiences.  Planning the integration of food into our events will remain one of the favorite parts of my job!

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