Saturday, December 22, 2012

Create with Intent

Create with intent. It sounds so simple. It seems so obvious. If we are going to create an event experience, we should know some very basic things.
  1. Why is the organization hosting an event?  Always start with WHY.
  2. Who is our audience?
  3. What will create positive surprises for them?
  4. Where will you host the event (destination and specific venue)?
  5. How does the choice of location, and the timing / when of the event impact your design and development?
It is the answers that will guide the creation. Many producers and planners can write a great theme idea, but it is when the ideas have context that they will build on the core messages and leave your guests feeling connected to and understanding the cause they are supporting / the organization they work for / the association they belong to, and how this brings value to their lives.

When you can leave people feeling good about any of the above because you created with intention... well for me, that is when my job satisfactions is at its penultimate, and it is this feeling that keeps all of us in this demanding industry, in it.

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