Friday, May 17, 2013

Grandma Says

Grandma still plays badminton
This month our son had to interview his grandmother and ask her four questions about life. Her answers are so simple, and so smart, I told her I was going to share them here.

The first was to describe a very special event in her life. This was easy, "The day I was married to your grandfather." - in 1957. Norm has since passed on, but as their daughter in law, I can tell you how lucky they were, and their children are, to have had such an example of love through laughter, adversity, joy and challenge and how it really is the glue that can hold you together through it all.

A life lesson she would share. "Be yourself, love your family, be honest, and don't be afraid of working."

Advice for her grandchildren. "Choose a good partner, take care of your health, continue school as far as possible, find something you are interested in doing."

Hope for her grandchildren. "A good long life. Work hard for everything you want or need."

Thanks Grandma, that is great advice!

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