Thursday, February 12, 2015

ACTION Social Justice Grade 12 Style

Impact points.  On March 3rd an inspired project is happening at Burnsview High School in Delta.  Laura Masini Piarelli teaches English 12 and Social Justice 12 and one of her tasks is to teach the students to write essays which will ensure they excel on their provincial exams. As this is a process that lasts for a few months, she wanted to find a subject that would inspire the students to write emotive narrative essays and combined these two disciplines, identified a subject which would inspire them, and brought these together.

They chose to face the issue of domestic violence and began with a visit to a secondary transition house nearby.  The playground here reflected the sadness of the circumstances of those who are here, victims of domestic violence, seeking a second chance.  They were inspired to raise funds to build a new playground for this group who are working through unfortunate circumstances.  But how to do that... well their teacher had an idea and this is where you can learn more about it.

Students share their experiences here with me in the writing, planning and the WHY they wanted to do this.  I left their classroom this week feeling hope for the future if these are the types of people we are raising in our community.  I encourage you to watch the linked video - and without minding the homespun quality of the video - please listen to the words they share - unscripted and raw.

On March 3rd you can come to Burnsview School in Delta and learn more about how you can help build a playground, and hear some excerpts from the essays the students wrote, which will also be available in an anthology volume "Enriching Times", seen above. and available for a minimum donation ($25) and be part of an evening which is about bringing together positive role models in our community with the youth which are about to embark on the next phase of their lives and become the fabric of our community.  If you don't live nearby but would like to help them on their journey to raising $30,000 please reach out to for more information.

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