Tuesday, January 26, 2016

50 Fun Events Tech Ideas - Almost Live

One of my favorite sessions to deliver is about #eventtech - and this session I originally developed looks at dozens of technologies impacting us. This was done originally last March and changes every single time I deliver it - because technology and how we use it changes constantly.  

For The Special Event in January in Orlando I was unable to attend live - it was just a few days until we opened the #BCTECH Summit - and so I proposed using (gasp!) technology to deliver the session, and they agreed to try it. The team at AV Strategies  took time to shoot, edit and improve the video, and Laura Lopez of Social Tables was our on-site, in-room session leader, ensuring the session was not only informative but interactive.  At the end I joined the session for some live Q and A from home, and overall it was very well received. If you are thinking of alternative ways you can deliver sessions - this might work for you!

The link to the TSE 2016 Session can be found here.

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