Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It is about the OTHERS

I came home from school tonight with a book on Tact by the fabulous storyteller Peter Legge. The Power of Tact is a great read and has very simple, very good messages about how to best get along in life, much learned from his father. I am about to share this with my children as well, one in particular as we embark on a 30 day challenge to be more kind to those around us, to just generally improve the world one attitude at a time.

There were a few thoughts that came to me in my first read through this book tonight. One is that while I have just said we are embarking on a challenge to be kinder, my kids are kind, and pretty cool.  In talking about Christmas preparations the other day, they are prepared for a few annual things we do. First, we always choose a charity, this year it is BC Children's Hospital as we watch the progress of our little friend Elizabeth (you can see their blog on my homepage) who fell off her bike earlier this year sustaining challenging injuries, and with the more than capable medical help provided, her parents, family, friends and Sunnybrook support, she continues on the road to recovery, returning to school on Day 83 of recovery just this past week!

The second is with their tae kwon do club as they dip into their piggybanks (with our support as well) and we build good samaritan shoeboxes that will be sent where the school supplies, socks, toothbrushes and toys will be put to good use. This may be our third or fourth year and as they have more thoughtfulness to provide appropriate to children the same age they are, the boxes are pretty good.  Check it out -  Shoebox Project

They have already decided that they don't really need anything, and that having our planned family experience skiing with friends for a couple of days will be just great with them - wow!  I am sure they will have stockings that rock waiting on Christmas morning! While we always hope that we are providing a positive role influence, it is more than just us. Perhaps Nicholas's trip to the Me to We conference last month has supported his beliefs that we can always do more, and while Global Voices is not an easy read at any age, he is taking it a page at a time and digesting the information in small bites. I might try it too...

Then there is cookie baking. We will bake thousands of cookies, and share these. Best day every season is the girls cookie day - wine, cheese and cookies - it simply does not get any better than this.

In his book the Power of Tact, Peter Legge talks a lot about the legacy began by William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army. While merely encapsulated here, what a great story, one that I was not that familiar with. He put Twitter to shame when he was asked to describe in one word what the Salvation Army stood for, and he did it.  OTHERS.  Simple, right? So if we look to each day to see what we can do for others, show compassion and encouragement, and provide hope, well it is a good start. I am looking forward to the next 30 days!

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