Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thinking Big

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Helen Keller

So if this is what Helen Keller thought, we have to agree - think big, take risks, enjoy the adventure. Here are the reasons why I think it is important to THINK BIG.

1. The world is a big place, so having a view that encompasses more than just our own small space ensures that we make better decisions. This might include thinking sustainably or finding positive ways to impact either locally or globally. We are the "haves" and it is good to think about how we can take small steps that help others in a way that can be big to them. How big is your circle of influence?

2. Big has impact. A couple of postings ago, I talked about String Theory In Theory Blog Posting and this is BIG that WOWS when they set up a 65' (or 300') harp and then bring together rock, opera, classical, string, percussion and voice to create a BIG experience that guests cannot have in any other way. I love when our clients are willing to take risks that are way "outside the box" and see it pay off.

Last night I saw the TransSiberian Orchestra - again BIG and wow - this mixture of technology and musical talent, not to mention all the long blond hair, is another big wow. ps. if it comes to your town, check it out, it's pretty cool.

3. Big can be tough, but tough can be okay. Recently we were one of three organizations nominated in the Best Opening Event Category for the BC Event Awards. We were nomimated for the Welcome Reception of the MPI WEC in Vancouver this last July - an awesome event that received a 98% "great" in their final surveys - a fact that already made us feel like winners! The other two events included Synergy Events for the opening of an Okanagan winery, and PRP (the fabulous Patrick Roberge and team) for the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Paralympic Games. This final event won. Quite honestly, I was at both ours (obviously!) and the Paralympic opening, and it is a little like comparing an orange to the moon. They are both round... From there the comparison ceases to be possible as the scale of everything was so vastly different.  I am honoured that we were considered in this same space.  I am also proud of the many winners and nominees this evening who all are thinking BIG about how we produce events in our backyard.

4. Big thinking can shift perspective.  When we come upon a new idea, whether it is something we come to in conversations, hear or read in a book / blog / magazine article that shifts our perspectives and makes us open our minds - then big(ger) thinking can begin. When we can be thoughtful in our actions and impacts, and drive changes, big or small, this is all good.  As event industry professionals, when we can create the environments that bring big ideas out - those are the best days!  Let's all keep thinking BIG!

5. If you can't think BIG, think positive. Last week I joined many old friends and colleagues as we said goodbye to three talented young ladies heading to London to live the next part of their lives. At this gathering were many of the fabulous young women I have worked with over the years, who I always enjoy seeing for many reasons. This night was special for me though as many reached out and found time to sit with me and catch up, and each of them thanked me for the positive influence I have had on their lives and their careers in the event profession. I was personally humbled and so proud of each of them - you go girls!

So there we are - let's keep this industry rocking!

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  1. Great post Tahira....

    I agree, the world is too big, and we have too many opportunities to contribute, to allow ourselves to "play small".