Sunday, October 17, 2010

In Theory...

Just when I was thinking about how much fun we have playing at our job...

A week later, we find ourselves at the Law Courts with a smaller group - just 150, and again, a team of people who are truly excellent at the detail they put into events and who each brought their expertise to share with these guests. This night had many special treats for the guests, from a short / long limo ride through the streets of Vancouver, to walking the red carpet and being greeted by their executives, to fabulous food and then, to begin the night, a rousing performance by a group of high - energy and talented youth sharing their enthusiasm. As dinner drew to a close, they enjoyed a string quartet and then a fast-paced and exciting awards presentation. They could never have expected what happened next... and this is where, when I talk about immersing yourself in what we do - well this was one of those performances that transcends!

Oh String Theory, how we adore thee! Imagine if you will a circle harp that stretches as far as you can imagine - in our case 66' - over and above all the awards presenters - invisible and visible at the same time. Add drums in at least four configurations I can recall, guitars of all tones, gorgeous violins, whistling... yes, whistling, incredible vocal opera, and a little rock and roll rhythm to make it all accessible, and well, honestly it does not even begin to describe the magical performance created. This is such a talented group of musicians, dancers, performers - all these titles are inadequate for what they present. This is a group who is taking music of various genres to new extremes and who obviously love, love, love sharing what they do.  This love of performance came through and this audience appreciated the entire experience.  I cannot wait to have this experience shared again!

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