Saturday, October 9, 2010

Face to Face - the reality, the research

There has been a plethora of research recently on how meetings are most effective - face-to-face, virtual or hybrid, or a combination of this and more. We need to consider many things in our planning to determine what is going to fit the needs and meet or exceed the objectives
  • pre-assessments - what education / team building needs to happen - what are they looking for
  • meeting objectives
  • management objectives (corporate or association)
  • sponsor and exhibitor needs
  • relevant education for a variety of levels of participants
  • meaningful teambuilding 
  • networking opportunities
Most of these require PEOPLE to make them successful. People seek relationships and want to do business with people they know and trust.  The best way to create this base is through shared, authentic experiences that provide opportunity for dialogue. The research is fascinating - thank you Maritz and Cornell for your continued leadership!
Perspective on Face to Face Meetings

As much as we can seek to understand, and provide research and show tangible results, sometimes we just need to see a group bring this to life. This was our experience this week, as we welcomed 3,000+ people to Vancouver, and saw the relevant education, well thought out exhibition with full service amenities gathering space, and excellent events all bring together people again and again. Last night at the Closing Reception, the sponsor, the staff members of the association that had worked to bring this to life, and hundreds of delegates met for the final time until next year, and they ate, they talked and finally, unexpectedly, they DANCED. My favorite moment was the man who put to the side first one cane, and then the other and DANCED until we finally, 30 minutes past the stated end time, ended the music and as they finished their beverages and conversations, they trickled slowly out, leaving 6 days of meetings and events feeling fully satisfied with their experience, and knowing the value of these relationships as they go forward in their careers and back to work. Truly, face to face at its best.

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