Tuesday, October 5, 2010

One week later

It is now one week since my last post. There have been moments of silence at school, at the soccer fields, and for more than one family, there will be many, many more. Last week I wrote of the loss of our local teen, and how this has impacted our community. With no resolution to the reason or perpetrator of this, we all wait and watch more carefully over our children.

In another part of the world, another local girl, a friend shared with many, has moved into her grown up life, fallen in love and lives on a gorgeous island with her husband and small son.  This last week they too suffered a tragic loss, as their newborn, at just two weeks old passed away. Again, a loss that cannot be explained or understood. Not for these parents, or their first son at just 2. One tiny life lost and an impact that will diminish as they heal over time, but will never go away. Our hearts extend to this very special family during this tragic time.

We also avidly read the blog of Omer, Janet and Elizabeth as they keep us up to date on Elizabeth's recovery from her bike accident this summer.  We are so thankful to see she is healing, and now able to share time between home and Sunny Hill, and that progress is being made daily in all areas. We will continue to watch and cheer for each small victory and thank Omer for keeping this blog so current.

As our ordinary life goes on, with the incredibly busy time that autumn always is, with family, school returning and homework ramping up, fall sports well underway with practices and games for soccer, testing and tournaments for tae-kwon-do and curling beginning again in the family, we look forward to Thanksgiving weekend, and spending some time with our friends and family and appreciating what we all have. 

Next week our son will attend with 15,000 children and teens from BC the Me to We event, begun as part of the Keilburger's Free the Children movement.  They will have the opportunity to hear Jane Goodall, Jason Mraz and the Dalai Lama, among others share their journeys and their stories with impact with this next generation, who will continue to work on making our world a better place.

Over this past weekend I also produced an amazing show with the support of an incredible team and with clients who were willing to let us take some risks for the opening of a conference at the Vancouver Convention Centre. This involved yet another 24 hour shift - the same I said I would never do again - but in the end all worth it - so stay tuned for details of this astounding welcome our guests experienced! Yes, those were our fireworks...

The reminders to be thankful are plentiful, we do need to take time to appreciate all we have.

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