Monday, October 18, 2010


So I have arrived for class tonight and am again surprised that there is still a sign up in the foyer space that says. Do NOT rearrange the furniture.  The furniture is 20 stuffed blue chairs lined up around the space on the walls, 3 here, 4 there. This foyer is in the hospitality management area of an institution that prides itself on being progressive and connected to the industry. Yet, they don't assume that these same progressive students that they seek to attract may want to sit and face each other to have a conversation, and heaven forbid - they might not move a chair back against the wall. Seriously?

Obviously this institution (and likely many others) could use a dose of "Event Camp" to up the progressive ante on the models and methods of engaging learners and creating the next level of professional entering our industry.


  1. or, the custodians at your institution (who likely posted the sign in the first place) need to be taken down a notch!

  2. I couldn't agree more! The best, most influential teachers I had colored outside the lines, and not only rearranged the furniture, but in the end rearranged the way I approached life, learning, and the world. So rearrange the furniture and if questioned show whomever a picture of the google corporate office, where bean bags are scattered, ping pong tables line the hallway, and where the most innovative ideas emerge.