Sunday, October 17, 2010

When I play

This morning on the way to her soccer game, my daughter said, "Mom, you know what I love about soccer? Once you are out there, it is all you have to think about."  So simple. This is how I feel about events.  No matter if the lead up is 2 years or 2 weeks, once you have the pre-event, and especially when the load in begins, it is all about the focus on bringing all the ideas to fruition.

Last week we had so many great things happen. We found out we are nominated for the BC Event Awards, Best Opening Reception, for the MPI WEC 2010 Welcome Reception, (MPI Cantrav video) with some amazing competition!  As I looked through the entire list of nominees, I felt so lucky to work in this industry, and so proud of all the nominees. Many of these events I had the opportunity to see, participate in or see photos of, and WOW is all I can think. What amazing professionals we are surrounded by here!

We also had the opportunity to produce four incredible events, each with their own personality, and each perfectly suited in a myriad of ways to the participants.  First we produced an Opening Ceremony for 3,000 professionals that was in a challening venue, and took some risks, and was flawless.  This group moved up to their welcome reception, an event for 3,000 that showcased a cross-Canada experience.  This particular event was very special for many reasons, including
  • the partnership and trust with the clients who were excited to embrace new ideas - and they have done this conference for 25 years, so they know their group!
  • what the suppliers brought in professionalism, in taking this to a new level and in stepping up to bring simply crazy ideas to life
  • our whole production team was on site and critical to making this all come together - and being able to share the event experience with them
  • the balance of the team that supported the conference portion of the event - all consumate professionals, who are friendly, fun and forward thinking - so great!
I have many favorite moments from this first week where we produced three great events in three different and distinct downtown venues. First the performance that combined acrobatic cirque with dance to showcase the nature side of Vancouver with the urban integration those of us who live here and love this about our city.  The windows to the "kitchen" were delightful, the asian areas inspired, the fireworks spectacular, the entertainers... from Tiller's Folly, to the sounds of the Pipa and the Forbidden Flutes, Jahnke Jazz in more than one configuration, and Leslie and her amazing quartet who brought our final night to an incredible close... we are so fortunate to have such an amazing pool of talent in Vancouver to choose from!

Unbelievable still to me are the six performers who agreed to wait on tiny platforms surrounded as fabric lanterns 50' above the guests for nearly two hours - out of sight and ready to astound the guests when they suddenly appeared and did an incredible performance that culminated in fireworks over the harbour.  Spectacular, on so many levels.

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