Sunday, October 30, 2011

Feel the Color of Every Note

When guests walk into an event, I want to make sure that they leave the event richer for their experience.  Every event will have its own goals and for our clients we want to ensure that once these are clarified, at every step of the planning we keep these in mind and create details that will add impact to the message.

Feel the Color of EVERY note. I want to hear the gasps as people enter a room to unexpected delight as they know by the soundscape, lighting and design details that this will be something special. They will taste the food more, enjoy the conversation more and feel the experience more deeply. Physiologically we have created a space where neurons are firing and their brains are releasing chemicals that add to their increased pleasure and their neural pathways are open to making more memories, more memorable connections and leave the event feeling sated.

A great event has peaks and valleys, swooshes of colour created both literally and through entertainment and activities that engage and excite, that make them feel alive and part of an experience greater than just themselves.  Isn't this what we all want?

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