Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dinner Party Wars - 1 year later

With "the Golden Colander"!
Have you ever watched a reality show and thought "I could do that"? This is what led my cousin Jacqui and I to being on Dinner Party Wars  which aired yesterday on my very favorite channel Food Network Canada.

Now we watch a fair amount of FNC at our house and when I saw the ads I thought "I could do that" and went on line to see who could! (that was August 2010) Great news - I could apply on line to be on the show! Two glitches - who would want to do this with me AND they film in Toronto and I live in Vancouver! Who did I know that is fun, loves to cook and lives in Toronto - ba da bing, Jacqui! I send a text message "do you want to go on food network with me?" "of course" and now, the rest is history.

Captured forever and on TV. Here is the weird thing. I never wanted to be on TV. Never. I am at heart a Producer, the girl behind the curtain who makes sure the show goes on - and is never seen. Would I do it again? Probably not. Did we have the best time ever doing it? Heck YES!

The things we enjoyed the most included
  • the production team - experts at what they do, with a vision, keeping it fun
  • spending more time together as cousins than since we were kids, a total blast
  • cooking - we cooked and tasted and cooked some more and loved it
  • eating and drinking and laughing and enjoying the other dinner parties
  • the competitors were good opponents, they kept us on our toes!
  • the hosts are just exactly as they appear on TV - warm, witty, edgy, fun - they totally embrace the experience
Last night Jacqui flew to Vancouver so we could watch the show together, and this was the perfect dessert to a smorgasbord of fun!


  1. Tahira, what a cool story! I love to cook and am so excited to hear about your experience. Awesome stuff! Congrats!

  2. I want to see this!!!