Friday, December 16, 2011

Details make it Special

When we are planning events, like in life, it is the small details that are remembered. In this photo Darth Vader saved the day by ensuring the awards would appear and could be delivered to the recipients. For the guests and for the character inside, this was less than three minutes of an evening's program, but one that brought delight to all.

When we are with someone special we can't possibly recall everything done together, what creates the memory is often fleeting... a touch, a glance, a feeling created.

When you receive a thoughtful gift, it is not the value of the gift but the care that went into the choice that makes it special, knowing someone thought of what you might like.

When we talk about events we often call them Special Events. Truly, who wants to create or attend an ordinary event?  What keeps me passionate about our industry is the opportunity to evoke memories.  The logistics have to be well thought out and that is the part that makes us professionals, but it is the creating that separates the fantastic event professionals from the merely good; the special events from the average.

It is always about creating an environment and then adding the details what will offer those small moments that make a memory. It is the combination of venue, lighting, soundscape and music, seating areas and decor elements, entertainment that engages and moments that surprise (as in the above) that will allow memories to be created... because we as event producers have created a space that allows for connections to happen.

We might remember an exceptional meal for the food, but if the most average meal is shared with the best company, it is elevated. When you have a fantastic meal and it is shared with brilliant company, then you have a special event that creates memories.

Many years ago I attended an event produced by a colleague. This event had the biggest dance floor we had ever created for a group of about 1,000 guests, all part of an association for retired professionals. The Dal Richards orchestra was playing, and when I came by to see this event, the giant dance floor was indeed full, with many of the octogenarian and older guests - mobile, in walkers and in wheelchairs having the time of their lives dancing up a storm. This is what makes events special.

What will you create next?

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