Saturday, December 24, 2011

Theatre and Community

My holiday musing is this. A great event is ultimately like going to (choose your [religious] ceremony) at (name your special time of year). Good ceremonies and great events have these two things in common; theatre and community.

They have a story woven through, some timeless and literally woven into the fabric of your being, some the current perceptions as shared by the ceremonial leader. They both have a certain sense of drama, of presence, of a production well executed. Some of the players are the stars, the leaders, some the facilitators, some play a bit part, integral to the overall experience, each touchpoint adding depth. Others still are backstage, or do their part ahead of time setting the stage for what has to happen. Theatre at its finest, brought alive in many forums and spaces, all around the world, every day.

Without a sense of community it would all be for naught, as ultimately we attend events to share an experience. If we just wanted to listen to music, we could play it on any number of devices. To experience the music though, we go to see it live, and share the (tribal) rhythms, part of a larger community who all believe in the power of this music (artist, group, festival). This sense of belonging to a tribe or a community reaches out through our interests in sports, racing, wellness and more; through our own interests or traditions, or those of our families and extended community of friends and colleagues.

When we attend an event we are drawn by the anticipation of the experience. Much of this is the sense of community that we look forward to being part of. When immersed in the experience, drawn in by the theatre, our senses are enhanced and the memories deepened by the community we are sharing it with. Understanding the importance of creating and allowing for these two elements will go a long way to ensuring that the events you plan continue to be meaningful and enriching for all.

Happy holidays as I am off to dream of sugarplums and the fairies who dance to a magical tune.

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