Wednesday, April 4, 2012

10 simple event pleasures

team future heads out on the weekend to
breast cancer, walking 60km, raising 20k+
  1. Working with a team that "gets it"
  2. Hearing the gasps of surprise and delight when guests enter an event you have spent months planning
  3. Seeing the cameras come out as guests can't believe their eyes in a new destination
  4. Trying something new (hybrid, sheer projection, a mobile app) and seeing the positive results
  5. Awesome food and beverage programming, from the opportunity to serve attendees all day brain friendly food and see the results in increased engagement to a perfectly wine paired dinner, lunch on a glacier (harder than it sounds and oh so worth it) or a perfectly timed dinner
  6. Creating an event that touches all the senses - and hearing people talk about it the next day
  7. Creating a multi day program where every day provides something new and remarkable for the guests, (and seeing how much they are enjoying it)
  8. Taking care of all the little details that will make our client's lives simpler, (and having them notice that we were paying attention)
  9. Having entertainment that connects with the audience - a name act, a great speaker, roving or ambient that surprises... limited only by your imagination
  10. Making a true positive impact with your event - whether this is through relevant education, meaningful connections, relevant CSR, money or awareness raised...
What makes you smile at the events you plan or attend?

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