Friday, May 25, 2012

Get Your Green On Wins Green Award at IMEX

One of the things I am most proud of professionally is the successful collaboration that was EventCamp Vancouver. There are so many committed, fantastic, smart people and so many great moments that made up this experience it is hard for me to articulate the positive, warm and hopeful feelings its production generated.  While the white paper discusses the elements that went into the meeting design, it does not capture the emotion or commitment of everyone who touched it.

One of the areas that was the most fascinating to see come to life was the Get Your Green On game layer we developed with QuickMobile, with the content by Shawna McKinley of MeetGreen and Judy Kucharuk of Footprint Management Systems.  When I received an elated phone call from the IMEX Frankfurt show floor this week to hear from Shawna that this had just won the IMEX Green Commitment to the Community Award for this year, I could not have been more proud, or more thrilled to see this work recognized. It is important because as an industry we need to keep up with what is happening in the world around us and this was such an excellent example of using technology in a way that was familiar to many (and new to some) to show how we can take small, continuous steps to greater sustainability at our events, in conjunction with each and every supplier and participant. I believe that in order to have the brightest future for meetings, embracing the capabilities of technology to actively share content and build connections is critical, and this was such a good example.

Not only was the game thoughtfully developed, their subsequent presentation at GMIC and the white paper are a great case study for meeting and event professionals.  I am honoured to call these professionals my collaborators and friends.


  1. Thank YOU Tahira for inviting us to rise to the challenge of doing this. If it weren't for you opening the door and providing such a great context for collaboration it never would have happened. Continually grateful!

  2. I remain thrilled that you and Judy really took ownership of the content, worked closely with our many collaborators, and showed us how "easy" it is to take small steps to more sustainable events. QuickMobile's platform was excellent and for me has set the bar for what a great game built on an app can accomplish.