Tuesday, May 1, 2012

VOTE to help someone who helps themself

This is a letter I am posting anywhere I think it will reach out and help an amazing couple. Please click on the link at the bottom - it takes 30 seconds of your time and will make an immense difference to an amazing family. Read on....
Yesterday it came to my attention via a colleague that there is an opportunity for Fiona and Dean to obtain a wheelchair equipped van, and I felt compelled to weigh in on why I think they deserve this. I had the opportunity to meet Fiona and Dean at the wedding of her sister, in Mexico in November 2009. We live in the same area of North Delta, and we have children of a similar age, and I have never been more impressed and more humbled by any people I have had the opportunity to spend time with. Our family is very fortunate to have two able bodied children, who at 11 and 13 can take care of all their own basic needs. Fiona and Dean’s children, Kiarra and Rylan are lovely children who will never be able to care for themselves, and the inclusive lifestyle their parents offer them is awe-inspiring. While many people in this situation may have balked at even just the packing of the special items required for a week away, they instead embraced the experience, and along with the family and friends, everyone participated in all activities, from taking the children into the ocean for swimming (they love the water), in group meals, although they both need someone to feed them, and in all social activities shared with the group. Kiarra and Rylan love music and others around were often found singing to them, or playing music, and being able to enjoy this together was special. The care required is continuous and their obvious love for each other and their children creates a glow that emanates to those around them.

While Dean works full-time, Fiona each day takes her children to school, to therapeutic horseback riding and to other activities that will allow them to continue to learn and grow. However, as they grow, the burden of carrying them and caring for them simply must be more difficult as they near her own size, and the ability to have them in their wheelchairs and not have to continually carry them in and out as she transports them from place to place, would be an immense support for her.
Not only is she caring for her own children, she truly cares for the community. As a small example when she knew a child slightly younger than my daughter who attends the same school as her children was in need of clothes, she called to ask if I had any that my daughter had outgrown, and then came and picked them up and took them to the child in need. Her thoughtfulness for others extends far and wide. She is also now in the position of assisting in care for her aging parents, and again each time she goes to help, this van would assist in taking their grandchildren to visit. 

Fiona would never consider herself a hero. She considers herself a mother, wife, sister and friend. Her spirit and sense of humour are always intact, and I simply cannot think of anyone who is more deserving of support.


  1. Glad I could help Tahira, I have a family member who needs a wheelchair equipped vehical and I can only imagine how stir crazy she would be if she didn't have access to some wheels.
    Granted, hers is always pretty cool and tricked out because she's just that kind of girl...but I'm sure even a basic van would have made her happy ;)