Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Job Week One

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First let me tell you this is not the beginning of a week to week dialogue of my new job, but I know many of us have faced the same first week anxiety I did this week, so here we go... Tahira's short list of highlights of my first week as the Manager, Events at QuickMobile.

  1. QuickMobile is a collaborative environment - there are always multiple meetings going on crossing departments, sharing ideas.  This collaborative mindset also reaches externally as the power of "collective smartness" is embraced and truly understanding partnerships and dialogue is a core value. There are no silos. (I love this)
  2. I will never meet everyone. Since I have never worked at a company with more than 35 people, this is an idea I am having a hard time wrapping my head around. Not that I won't make the effort - there are just a lot of people to meet!
  3. They want us to meet each other. The first thing you have to do - in the first three hours of your job - is send an email to everyone introducing yourself.  They also do a weekly appy hour - and yes, the keg is open for those who choose to enjoy a tall, cold, fresh one.  Why? It promotes idea flow, which is the first step to innovation.
  4. Accessible C-Suite. The doors really are always open, and our CEO Patrick is often seen roaming the floor and engaging in active conversations about every aspect of the business - he cares about how the end product will make meetings better, and also about the environment which nurtures these products and the people who create them and since 2008 (for real!) has been active in building this.
  5. Food always breaks down boundaries. In my immediate vicinity I know who are the healthy eaters (ie the chocolate has to cover fruit to be considered) and those who are on the flip side of this (ie they wish chocolate could be deep fried) and I am happy to share any kind of chocolate, or whatever works to start a discussion and bring a smile to someone's face.
  6. The coffee robot. There is no other way to describe this magical machine, but I thank whoever thought this was a good idea. I also appreciate the coffee purists in the office who made sure the espresso machine remains a countertop feature.
  7. Mobile, mobile, mobile... for years as a meeting planner and event producer I have been working to see apps integrated into meeting design and exploited for the possibilities to begin connecting people, to instigate and continue conversations, and yes to be the next step in building communities and as a place to collect and share content.  To be surrounded by heaps of like minded people - it is a highlight of going to work every day to be surrounded by others who are embroiled in working with so many organizations to make this a reality and to be part of the continual evolution of mobile and meetings!
And now... it is time to rest. Tahira
Now found at tahira.endean@quickmobile.com and lots of awesome events in 2014!


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  2. Wow! Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your new job, Tahira. I'm so excited for you and for QuickMobile! They are getting such a WONDERFULLY creative addition to their team. I hope you will share more about what you are doing here, on Events, Live and Impact Points, one of my FAVORITE blogs. :)

  3. All the best in the new job Tahira!

  4. Tahira, how great for you. Can't wait to catch up with you next week!
    Life is getting very exciting... :)

  5. I was at this place last month; I spent much of my early evening just staring out the windows sipping my glass of wine. They deserve kudos for their nice selection of wine.
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