Friday, May 1, 2015

Nicholas wins Michael Smith Science Challenge

Earlier this year Nicholas wrote - in French - the Michael Smith Science Challenge and we heard yesterday Nicholas came first in Canada - FIRST!!!

No, we had not heard of this before either and even when he was asked by his teacher to participate, we still didn't hear about it.  Other parents reading this may be familiar with this phenomenon.  Then this letter came. Let's go with "WOW!"

Yes, he is our son, and his fascination with science is well known to us, but when I looked at what the types of questions were, and couldn't answer any... well suffice it to say, I was impressed.  

One of the things we most appreciate about Nicholas is his innate curiosity. Every day he asks a question we can't answer and often have to look up.  This is something that will serve him well through his whole life as he won't accept the status quo, but will dig deeper and seek solutions that serve the greater good.

Way to go - we are really proud of you!

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