Saturday, May 16, 2015

U2 and the Mobile Mind Shift

I have loved U2 since Joshua Tree because their music is honest and awesome.  I have seen them perform multiple times over the years (lucky me!) and now, 25+ years later, love how they have embraced all the #eventtech available to elevate the human experience.  One of my favorite moments was when they brought up a thrilled audience member, tapped into her own phone and had her film and project what she was seeing on the gigantic double sided, catwalk enabled screen that filled the stadium. From close-ups of each member to panning the audience so they could be on the screen too - she maximized the experience. And... she has that memory stored on her device forever. They aren't scared of mobile - they are maximizing the opportunities of a mobile enabled audience. We know this one concert added to the 70 million daily Instagram photos, was seen by many of the 745 million daily Facebook users and was part of the 700 million tweets posted daily. #U2

From another human experience, having spent many years planning medical meetings, many specifically focused on HIV/AIDS, I also appreciate as they have grown they have used their power for good establishing among other things, Red, a charity to support creating an AIDS free generation. Some of you may remember this time, it wasn't that long ago when AIDS was a new and frightening disease, and if we can work to eradicate it, as we have smallpox, polio and other diseases through research, medical care and most importantly, education for those most affected, this is something I can get behind.

Mobile in action during the concert
Now those mobile moments.  This is something I talk about frequently as I speak on experiential design, event technology and most recently, the importance for meeting and event professionals to embrace the reality that our participants are arriving with their devices in hand, and more than ever are relying on mobile to provide their access to information, their work functionality and social connections, and to capture and share their memories.  What Forrester Research refers to as the Mobile Mind Shift is happening in life, in retail, in the way we research, discuss and purchase products and services and 100% in the way we experience meetings and events.  Are you considering how to integrate the BYOD reality into your plans - amplifying your brand and growing your event community's stories? Plus capturing their thoughts and feelings about your event, and being able to "see" in real time what is happening in your events?  Isn't it time?  

Oh, and if you have the chance to see U2 on this tour - go!

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