Thursday, November 2, 2017

Intentional Event Design Our Professional Opportunity

Then this happened! 

From one page on sustainability (just do it!) through the seven intentions of people-centric, purpose-driven design to embracing technology, designing our immersive and experiential spaces, designing flow and choosing the 'best' seating options to drive conversations, creating food and beverage programs and learning environments to be people and brain-friendly, and wellness for participants and those of us working in the industry, it is a comprehensive deep-dive into future-forward events. 

The reviews so far, humbling and exciting - we can continue to create even more worthwhile and transformative events, together. Let's do this! 

There are real books and e-books available. Amazon US and other countries too.
Amazon Canada

I am often asked, "How long did it take?" Three years of thinking about it, and then In April I was looking for an article I had written, and realized I had done a terrible job keeping track of all the writing I have done, and maybe it was time to put what I was thinking about events into one place. It turns out, not surprising to anyone who knows me, I had a LOT to say - about 81,000 words if you were counting! There are lots of examples, questions you can work through in your own design thinking, and a ton of references from others working in spaces from happiness to event technology. Enjoy!

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