Thursday, November 2, 2017

Intentional Event Design Our Professional Opportunity

Then this happened! In April, I was looking for an article I had written, and realized I had done a terrible job keeping track of all the writing I have done, and maybe it was time to put what I was thinking about events into one place. It turns out, not surprising to anyone who knows me, I had a LOT to say - about 81,000 words if you were counting!

From one page on sustainability (just do it!) through the seven intentions of people-centric, purpose-driven design to embracing technology, designing our immersive and experiential spaces, seating options, food and beverage programs and learning environments to be people and brain-friendly, and wellness for participants and those of us working in the industry, it is a comprehensive deep-dive into future-forward events. 

The reviews so far, humbling and exciting - we can continue to create even more worthwhile and transformative events, together. Let's do this! 

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