Saturday, January 4, 2014

Event Design eh - Bryan Bell

Winter Wonderland by Decor and More
It was very exciting to consider how Event Design can be considered "Canadian" and then to bring together designers and owners of Canada's leading event design organizations to collaborate and discuss and share how they approach design.  We are excited to share this session, Event Design eh at The Special Event in Nashville.  Our fourth member of this team is Bryan Bell from Decor and More in Toronto, bringing in both a legendary presence and an Eastern perspective - one we know will also really have a lot to share in this interactive session.  Last year I spoke to Bryan about their approach, and you can check out that podcast here; this year I had just a few questions he shared his responses to.

 Q1. Can you tell us briefly about your current role and involvement in the design process?
 BB: As a company D&M is often involved right in the infancy stages of the event, and as such we are frequently asked to collaborate with our clients to come up with a cretive vision together.  This allows us to brainstorm as a team and also helps utlize some of the building blocks that we have in our inventory to help create exciting designs.  In my role as President I am part of the team here at D&M and with most events we will sit down as a group (sales, designers, artists, floral, graphics, etc.) and bounce ideas off one another to help create fresh, cutting edge designs.  The collaborative approach is one which is part of our DNA and we have found it to be very successful. 

Q2. Beyond our ubiquitous Mountie, what is one thing you consider “Canadian” when we talk about event design?
BB: Absolutely the environment and the elements.  Wood, snow, and water as just a few examples play huge roles in the life of a Canadian and translate through our filter on event design as well.  Often times these will be fused together as a subtle mixture in the background of a larger forefront design; for example in the use of tree stumps on a buffet treatment as a container, or a palette of white on white as the foundation of an event and representing 'the Great White North.' 

Q3. If you were giving special event participants one reason to attend our session, what would you say?
BB: Come and have some fun and see how your neighbors to the North approach event design.  We promise we won't give you any homework!

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