Thursday, January 2, 2014

Event Design eh - Corinne Kessel

As mentioned in my previous post, a stellar group of Canadians will be presenting at The Special Event 2014 in Nashville next Friday, January 10th in a collaborative session - Event Design 'eh focusing on both great Canadian design as well as collaboration for success. Our second highlighted participant is the current ISES BC Chapter President, trombone-playing Corinne Kessel of Greenscape Decor in Vancouver, who understands good design is backed up with a great team. A recent winner of the Burnaby Chamber of Commerce's Person of the Year Award, we know she will add to the session in a way our participants will really enjoy! 
1. Can you tell us briefly about your current role and involvement in the design process? 
CK: I am the Principal of a design and d├ęcor company, not that I am the Principal Event Designer.  As a niche company, we work in many different markets, with event design being one where we can express our creativity more readily than others.  My leadership in the event design process lies in building trusting relationships with clients, vendors, venues and suppliers and then facilitating an open dialogue between my design team and the other project partners.  I oversee my design team and work to ensure they are creating a clear and on brand vision that they are able to develop into a tangible plan and design, and are able to deploy effectively and meet all expectations.  My personal strengths are in project management, logistics and engineering, so once my design team or our client has come up with the “dream,” I am able to help make it happen.  My passion for design is not in the details of selecting your table linens, or the type of rose in your wedding bouquet, so I have dedicated and talented team members that love to do exactly that.  They would rather not have to deal with structural engineering and complicated logistics, so I have created a win-win team that gives the best value to our clients!  

2. Beyond our ubiquitous Mountie, what is one thing you consider “Canadian” when we talk about event design?  

CK: Purpose.  Everything has a purpose and gives back – it’s the polite thing to do.  We don’t bring a bunch of extravagant stuff into a room if it is not going to have a purpose.  Clean, minimalist, functional, resourceful, creative, sustainable, multidisciplinary.   Smaller budgets are met with higher creativity instead of just less.   

3. If you were giving special event participants one reason to attend our session, what would you say?

CK: Canada rocks.  And the West is best.  And the women are smokin’ hot.
We sure hope to see you at The Special Event next week! 
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