Thursday, August 19, 2010

Seeking Talent

Seeking and finding great talent is an ongoing process, and finding people who feel that our community workplace is one they want to join, then that is just a beginning.

Talent can be described in many ways. By Tom Peters in Re-imagine, he states it as such:

Talent. The intangible attributes that mark talent. Includes displaying passion; inspiring others; loving pressure; craving action; knowing how to finish the job; exhibiting curiosity; embodying “weird”; exuding fun; thinking at a high level; thriving on WOW! More importantly the way you need to consider the people you are hiring now – the people beyond “employee”

As an employee, we get a paycheque for the talent, knowledge and skills we bring to our organization. This at the most base level is all that an organization owes us. Really.

However, as humans, are needs are higher than this. We need to be recognized, appreciated, motivated at both extrinsic (such as our paycheque) and intrinsic levels. As organizations continue to grow in ways that include multi generations, backgrounds and talents, it will remain a challenge to find the individual motivators for the people who choose to join us.  What we can do is continue to seek what motivates our individual team members and to find people that we want to be surrounded by every day.  What we do for our clients is to continue to work closely with them to ensure that we are creating programs that ensure that the guests leave feeling rewarded, valued, appreciated and through the experiences we collectively create they leave inspired, motivated and feeling loyalty to their organization.

What can we do as employees? Well in a perfect world, we get to do our jobs with passion, integrity to both ourselves and our organizations, and we share the responsibility for success every day. I say, bring it on!

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