Monday, August 30, 2010

Sport, Culture, Sustainability

Not only the three tenets of the Olympic movement, really just a great way to live life. Incorporate some sport, some form of fitness you enjoy, something that keeps your body limber - anything will do - and you will feel better. It is that simple.

Culture - keeping the mind active has proven itself again and again in making you more interesting as you grow up, and in defying age as we get older.  Culture can be anything you want it to be - play an instrument, enjoy a concert, act in a play, enjoy watching a play, paint, enjoy a museum or art gallery - so many ways to subtly improve our lives.

Current personal favorite - Robert Lepage - continues to astound

Sustainability - create less waste, eat more local food, be kind to the people you encounter, share knowledge, limit our foot print (see previous blog post for 20 event related ideas...)

Live well, enjoy, breathe...

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