Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Event Planning - Part 2 - Process

in my last post I looked at the questions you need to start with before you decide that an event is the best way to move forward to solve a problem, meet a need or let people know about your cause (as a start).

Then there is the process (and hey, we aren't even at the fun part yet). If we look at the step-by-step process and some of the major components that would be required for a meeting or event, this again, is just a start.
  1. Determine WHY you want to host an event
  2. Define goals and objectives
  3. Determine measurable goals and measurements of success
  4. Review event history
  5. Know your organization - who they are, their values, their goals and how this event needs to fit this
  6. Confirm the stakeholders
  7. Confirm the committee - key / chair / program / funding / finance / marketing / sponsorship / exhibit / other 
  8. Confirm the stakeholder needs
  9. Style or format of meeting - conference, exhibit, incentive, hybrid, festival, public, symposium, seminar, workshop, peer-format conference
  10. What is this meeting / event?
    1. Name
    2. Date
    3. Destination
    4. Venues
    5. Goals and measurement tools
    6. Budget
      1. revenues - all streams
      2. expenses - all anticipated
      3. resources
      4. management of the funds
    7. Audience
      1. numbers
      2. who are they?
      3. why do they want to attend?
      4. how will you reach them?
    8. Sponsors / Exhibitors / Donors
      1. recruiting / sales
      2. management
      3. fulfillment
    9. Your team
      1. leaders
      2. support - internal
      3. support - vendors
      4. confirming responsibilities
      5. reporting processes
    10. Measurement and evaluation
Again, just a start on the process - what else do you do that I might have missed? Now it is on to some key tools that will help you as you go through this process.

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