Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Neat" Conference Ideas

Today @leahmacvie tweeted out a request for a "neat" conference idea. I could not fit it into a tweet so here we go...
  1. add twitter #hashtag / moderator - engage people pre, during and post - amazing relationship builder
  2. look at the "Conferences that Work" model for small meetings by @asegar - build trust through confidentiality and crowdsource topics
  3. use name badeges with name and a like or interest vs org / title
  4. make it like a TV show
  5. change the  Environment - another example is a venue like Catalyst Ranch (@catalystranch) in Chicago
  6. what about improv - with a local group or ask @jenisefryatt
  7. add a game element (check out Event Camp National Conference Chicago #ecnc) for a session led by @GreenA_V and @jessicalevin for more ideas
  8. make more time for hallway conversations
  9. NO panel sessions where everyone agrees - nothing interesting about watching a love-in
  10. make it sustainable - tell them how you are doing it (the why we hope is more obvious) 29 tips for greening your meetings
  11. Don't be scared to try something Unexpected
  12. ask attendees to be guest bloggers - to choose one session they are attending and take the best notes ever to share with their peers post event - what were their take aways? Collect into one spot
  13. money for a keynote? - speakers for example Michael Gelb will do a dinner session on Wine Drinking for Inspired Thinking - drink wine and write poetry as a learning tool  - who wouldn't like that?
  14. introduce interactive elements - bubble hockey, contact jugglers, word cloud whiteboard about what they hope to learn or share - it doesn't have to be complicated or expensive - just fun and relevant
  15. fun with food (this is definitely another whole post)
  16. Pure silliness... pin the antler on the moose!
  17. flashmobs, tweetups, rock band coffee breaks...
  18. and thank you for the reminder in the comments and shamelessly added in later... Mike McAllen of Grass Shack - hybrid, graphic recording, podcasts, skype in (even for breakout peeps)


  1. How about a hybrid element? Or graphic recorders?
    Great list!


  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Can't wait to sort through these all. There are so many GREAT ideas- and great use of the blog too!