Tuesday, February 22, 2011

GMIC - Virtually Missing...

Well I have just said what I like so here is what you miss as a virtual attendee
  1. Hugs. When you get together with a group like this, and the tweeps you have met, you get a lot of hugs.
  2. Food. Let's face it, my kashi and yogurt was delicious, but lonely. It looks like the Doubletree is knocking it out for y'all
  3. Voodoo Donuts. ok. location specific. Like the warm cookies. Hello Doubletree.
  4. Fashion Shows. Seriously - that looked like the coolest idea EVER. Nice one.
  5. Hallway conversations. that are longer than 140 chararters.
  6. Pink Power. GO GreenA_V
  7. Live brainstorming. Skype was more successful for @samueljsmith than for our team
  8. Sessions beyond the general sessions - especially the improv one with @jenisefryatt looked quite awesome
  9. Having compressed, focused time with people who matter.
OK, but I did save some carbon attending this way...

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