Tuesday, February 22, 2011

GMIC - 10 Tweetable Moments

Ah, the tweetable moments... here we go

  1. collaboration = transformation via @mdanimonroe
  2. our mission is clear, be inspired from Pedro from Estoril
  3. Don't see sustainability as penance. via @mitchellbeer
  4. It's about the solutions. Who are the strategiest via @mitchellbeer
  5. be a champion: use standard right for your org, commit to providing feedback, serve as a case study via @LisaKraus
  6. APEX/ASTM standards are misunderstood to be US standards; can be applied globally via @eco_efficient
  7. APEX standards are a living document. The only way to make them perfect is to engage with the process via @hduckworth
  8. leadership and conversation both needed to move forward via @laurelcootePMB
  9. you can be green and run a sustainable business. pay attention to supply chain via @TahiraCreates
  10. f2f with future GMIC leaders - talk about renewable energy (now that is what we are talking about!) 

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