Friday, February 25, 2011

Our Event Landscape Changed Today

Today MVKA, an iconic Vancouver event production agency announced it was closing. For me, this signals the end of an era. When I entered the industry 18 years ago, Martin was one of the first people I met, and while we know each other through the social fabric of our event community, I have always been impressed with his graciousness, instilled through the entire organization. As an example, last year when we won the bid to produce the Welcome Reception for the MPI WEC in Vancouver, the second email (after hearing we had won) was from JP, the DOS at MVKA, with their congratulations. Soon after they won the bid for the Closing Reception for MPI, and my perception as an attendee was that they rocked this, and took risks with the perception of Vancouver I might not have. Bravo!

MVKA (from the outside) has always been a team of professionals who added to our industry with the high caliber of events they produced, and the ongoing contributions to the industry through various channels. This has been a creative force that has taken chances, elevated the standards and has also continuously shared their passion and ideas with others in the industry. Thank you!

Having been through the closing of an event organization (in 2003) and having survived the impact as one individual affected, I can foreshadow the impact to come on our local industry as these talented individuals find their new paths. I know from experience a little of what will come to pass, as do my compatriots from that time, people I still proudly call friends and whose collective successes we can continue to celebrate. Every single person (including Martin) is about to embark on their own personal journey, and they will all find new successes. What I know for sure, is the opportunities that will come their way may not be what they expect, or had even considered, but are sure to provide clients here and around the world with even more impactful events. I know each each of them will bring their talents and thoughtful creativity to wherever they find themselves next. As we did.

I wish for each member of this team only the best, they deserve it.

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  1. Powerful post Tahira and your post expresses what I feel. It is spot on and surely a stimulus for the team to reflect and get inspired after this twist of events. I was as suprised by the news which I first saw on a linkedin update posted by Martin. I've had the good fortune of meeting Jean Piere Cartier and Laura Triay over the period since the MPi WEC 2010 in Vancouver. They are inspired and driven and I am sure new interesting businesses will flourish from here forward. I had the good fortune of being able to sample the MPI WEC 2010 closing flashmob street block party which in my view was a perfect example of their innovative skills set to act outside the normal box.
    If there is anything I can do to reach out and help then please know that our community cares and is ready and most willing to help in the good times and the (less) good ones...