Sunday, April 3, 2011

Awards Shows - an Addictive Time of Year

The stage is set... literally, for a Night of Stars
What I love about this time of pre-spring the most is the Awards shows - Grammy, Oscar, Juno, even the Country Music Awards draw me in. I am not alone in this, and we all have our own reasons; some of us watch all the movies, some of us listen to the latest music, some are in it for the fashion, and some for the show.
  • Who will host and how will they do? Let's face it - some are better than others... I will leave your to your own opinions on this.
  • What will the hosts AND the guests be wearing? The fashion always ranges from the stunning to the simply surprising
  • Even more importantly - the hairstyles. A true sign of each passing decade is surely the hairstyles. 
  • What acts, and even better, awesome combinations of acts will we see? The musical awards shows excel at this - from Beyonce in a painting to Dave Grohl with Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga or the Black Eyed Peas weaving magic on the stage...
  • The staging - oh the staging... how I love to see what the directors and production teams come up with and how they will outdo what they have done before!
As an Event Producer, what fascinates me the most is how will they tell their story of what has come to pass in the last year of music and movies, I believe this is a key reason we all keep watching.

What I love about producing awards shows with our clients is exactly the same thing... what can we do to make each person feel rewarded, recognized, and know that this award they have spent at minimum a year working towards was well worth the effort. Bring on the magic, please!

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