Sunday, April 17, 2011

Event Planning in Vancouver - Blogalog with @projectmaven

MPI WEC10 Welcome Reception on the VCC Terrace
 So here is the thing about event planning in Vancouver. We are truly a cosmpolitan city that has been dropped into an amazing natural west coast rainforest. An utter oasis of delight, whether you are under a centuries old tree, or heading out over a cliff or simply enjoying the view from the Convention Centre or one of our many meeting hotels that overlook the harbour and the coastal mountains. In a heartbeat you can go from sitting at a conference table to being in a kayak paddling into silence, or hopping on a bike for a 7 mile ride around the Seawall, enjoying a picnic along the way.

In the nearly two decades I have been planning meetings and events, I have been at a PCO where we worked locally and traveled with our clients; at a destination management company; at an incentive house where it was back to traveling around the world planning events; and back to a DMC - because I love my family and didn't see them for three years pretty much... but also because I am truly excited to share our destination with people from around the world. Our supplier partners are amazing, innovative and have both a ton of experience to share but also are excited to try new things with me.

Yes, New York you are full of great producers and stunning venues (BizBash has been my home page since it launched) but if you want to really connect, slow down, work in a city that leads the world in sustainability, and be pleased with the service you receive along the way... let's talk Vancouver!

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