Monday, April 25, 2011

Blogalog Apr 25: Becoming an Event Planner - what does it take

Dear Deborah aka @projectmaven at @eventwist

This weekend in doing some reseach while preparing to review an online course for an event management degree, I came across this description for what an event planner is and I have to say that for all we do, I found it a bit vague, and well, simplified.

Education Portal Job description says this about the job: An event planner is responsible for organizing meetings, parties, weddings and other important events. They are responsible for every detail including notifying attendees, booking a location and contacting a caterer. During the day of the event, the planner continues to delegate others to ensure that the event runs smoothly. Event planners may be contracted by companies or individuals.

I found this to be a bit on the "light side", either when compared to my own list of What a Meeting Planner Does or certainly to the Canadian Standards for an event coordinator, which outlines 45 areas of competency. These competencies when combined with 3 - 5 years of experience can lead you into the area of being an Event Manager (and various other titles earned along the way depending on your specialty) and requires a huge depth of understanding and skill.
No matter what city we are in, Vancouver, New York or the many cities around the world, where the people who are creating meetings, events and weddings are doing so much more than this, and bringing so much to their clients through their innovative ideas and unique creations - our hats are tipped to you. These highly talented individuals create teams of unbelievable depth and deliver events that truly deliver messages in unique and compelling ways. So to all you event planners out there - keep doing what you do and let's keep proving our value, one awesome meeting or event at a time!

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