Friday, April 15, 2011

EventTwist and TahiraLovesEvents - a blogalog begins!

Recently, Deborah Parnell aka @projectmaven sent me a (very long) email asking if I had ever thought of guest bloggers. I had not but I really think of this as "my little blog". Apparently this is all perception - and really, I like Deborah's perception better.

So her idea is that some of us blogging out here in the event world could be having a conversation through our blogs - an ongoing dialogue on topics we are excited about, that also has relevance to the business of special events, meetings and event production. A veritable blogalog!

Deb and I both realize there's already a terrific discussion going on in the Twitterverse among a very talented and diverse group of event professionals. In fact, it doesn't stop! Plus, it contains everything a good conversation should - useful information, good jokes, random comments, sly remarks and clever observations... what else could one ask for?

Well I'll tell you - more than 140 characters!

Now Deb has noted that as skilled an editor as she is, and a lover of the simple elegance of a good haiku, she'll admit, she does love to go on. ("ya think?") And, well, a blog is a little more accommodating of the stream of consciousness style of communication that is, frankly, her element.  Then she found me....

In Deb's words....
"So in choosing my first online pen pal, I naturally gravitated to Tahira Endean whose blog, "Events, Life and Impact Points" she describes this way: "Exploring event experience design and the positive impacts we can have when planning relevant and thoughtful meetings. Includes musings on the cool people and lessons along the way."

And I didn't have to dig too far to discover that she embodies the same appetite for blending personal anecdote with professional observation as I do. When I contacted her with the idea, she reacted with great enthusiasm. In fact, as our correspondence got underway, she remarked, "I like when you write me because yes you may be the only person I have met that writes more than me..." I am so glad that my wordiness is making someone else feel good!"

I do love that someone else writes more than me. I do fear though that when Kiki L'Italien and I show up in New York and hang with Deb - we simply won't have time to sleep and will never, never, never shut up! (which I am ok with)

We decided that our first topic would be a comparative look at New York City and Vancouver, BC, the cities we each live and work in, as segments of the event planning world. Having never been to Vancouver, Deb is excited to get an insider's view of that city, particularly from someone like me, who is so passionate about work and life here!  I have planned events on three continents, but NEVER New York, so I too am pretty excited!

Stay tuned as we launch what I hope will be an informative and entertaining back and forth. Who knows? You may even want to blogalog with us!  (please!)  
photo by the italian voice
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