Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blogalog with Eventwist April 21

Check out what Deborah has to say about New York and its challenges and inspirations here Eventwist says...

What I want to know is, as an event planner in Vancouver, how do you incorporate the unique aspects of your city that you love so much into your creations? But more importantly, when I visit you, what are you going to show me that will really make me know we’re not in New York anymore?

First it will be about the cuisine. First breakfast at Market at the Shangri La is followed by a bike ride around the seawall, and then we will board our luxury yacht and heading out on the water, passing freighters in the working part and the most luxurious homes as we head around the point, docking at Granville Island for a truly unique shopping experience - imagine acres full of fresh food, local artisans and their gorgeous wares, and NOT ONE chain store! Lunch can be enjoyed at one of the amazing cafes, restaurants or market stalls you discover along the way.

For the evening event, we will incorporate the fresh food found today and while enjoying amazing BC wine, we will enjoy the sun setting over the harbour while a local musician adds the extra ambiance that ends this evening in perfection. Ten minutes after leaving the market, we will be back at our downtown hotel, sated and delighted. Hello Vancouver!


  1. Wow!
    I'm in a "take me to Vancouver NOW" coma just reading this. Granville Island sounds like a little slice of craft heaven, and way to go plopping a Jean-Georges restaurant right in the middle of it all... Breakfast at Market... yum. (They had me at chicken and apricot sausage).
    Now you've got me thinking about food, and I'm afraid there's no turning back. In fact, I have to go have something to eat, and then I'll get back to you with another post.

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  3. Oops! THIS is the link I meant to post:
    My next installment in our blogalog... :)