Friday, January 7, 2011

Blue - a cruise to the cool side

Well here we go to the other side of the color wheel. The cool side. Blue, violet, green, with blue being the only primary color here, the last of the three true primary colors. Today this picture was shared with me, so because it made me smile I share it with you. It's blue, it is memories that are all good, and it involves my second favorite thing, cookies! In the last post I talked about great redheads - I suppose blue fur has its place too! Marge Simpson's hair... well we all know it's not exactly a natural shade...

Blue has many differences in how it makes us feel from the warm colours just explored in recent posts. This cool colour has shades from sky blue to ocean blue, and so many shades in between. Blue is a color that nearly everyone feels an affinity with as it is a calming colour. Spiritually blue  represents the communication chakra, and has to do with our will, and our willingness to communicate honestly about how we are feeling. Sharing joy, expressing anger, getting past the "lump in the throat" and communicating, all important to our health.

In nature, blue brings awe. A gorgeous night sky always soothes, especially as dusk fully settles.

Gorgeous night in Vancouver, with our old BC Place as it no longer is, photo by the amazing Anton Teterine

Our Aquarium tells us these are Japanese stinging nettles. We still call them jellyfish.

Where blue is limited - in food, where there is little true blue seen (but where so much vibrancy from other colours is found). Where blue comes to life though is in blues music, and with so many truly talented musicians sharing their skill and passion for this music with us,  even those not familiar with the genre will find themselves captivated.

When it comes to events, blue is absolutely one of my favorite colors, Its depth, its calm, its ability to create a space where people feel comfortable when they come in, and where we need to be prepared to have them stay all night.

Lindsay Donovan captured this moment at the MPI WEC 2010 Welcome Reception

When the SVP of All Things Creative (obviously some liberty with the title but he was in charge of all visuals at his organization) came into the room for the rehearsal he said "I feel as though I have walked into a little slice of heaven" (I thought "my work here is done"... but of course it wasn't quite!)
How does blue make you feel... especially compared to the hot colors?

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