Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Bossisms" - when engagement goes down

Employee engagement will always be a hot topic - if your talent is not engaged it is tough to run a successful business, of any size.  I have always worked for organizations between 4 and 50 people, which means they are mobile, dynamic and have highly involved ownership. After nearly 30 years in service (hair salons followed by meeting management and event production) I have learned a few things about customer service, recruitment, retention and engagement. For fun today though, I am going to review some of the career changing comments made both by my bosses and bosses of the people I know. You can judge the impact for yourself.
  1. "I can't really see you taking on more of the creative". Obviously a change was needed for me to get to this current position of Director, Creative and Production!
  2.  "Flying home and watching movies on the plane will be considered a day off. After all, you are relaxing." Now I don't know about anyone else in this industry, but the reason I am watching a movie on a plane is because my job, that I just spent 18 hours a day for the last week doing, was far away! This is not really the aforementioned relaxing time off.
  3. "That's only one extra day a week." As I faced a third year of working 2,400+ hours...
  4. "I can't deal with this right now". Heard in more than one instance by more than one person, but really, when will be a good time to tell you that we have a problem to solve?
  5. "You will never cut hair again." from the surgeon after two major TOS surgeries. I cried - then I went to school - hello Event Management!
Do you have any career changing comments to share?

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