Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Bossisms" - engagement in practice

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Over the course of working since I was 13, I have been the lowliest assistant, an awesome coordinator, an instructor, and a project and team leader from hair salons through a variety of organizations (PCO, DMC and Incentive House) in hospitality, and I have had many fantastic leaders to learn from and grow with. Some things I have learned, and try to practice.  (Don't worry, my team calls me on things I miss, and I do appreciate that!)
  1. Say good morning to the people you work with.
  2. Share passion and enthusiasm for the work we get to do - what we do is FUN, don't forget that.
  3. Be authentic, it shows.
  4. Assume you don't know everything - be curious.
  5. Be humble. Share the credit / give credit when due.
  6. Ask questions - of your team, your suppliers, your leaders.
  7. Say thank you.
  8. Saying please goes a long way too.
  9. Show genuine appreciation.
  10. Allow flexibility - everyone has a different work style - it needs to fit within your orgnizational culture but you will get the best of people if you allow them to work at what they are best at. Embrace the weird. Keep it interesting.
  11. Be realistic.
  12. Respect each individual for what they bring to the team.
  13. Provide challenges - and watch people rise to meet them.
  14. Be fair. Be transparent. Be aligned. Know your organizations' values and make it easy for people to be aligned.
  15. Embrace every experience - for whatever it provides.
  16. Share knowledge. Encourage ideas. Contribute.
  17. Share the positive - when we receive great feedback, share it up, down, sideways.
  18. Think holistically - you could call this "people, planet, profit" but it is about looking internally and externally and not in silos or with tunnel vision.
  19. Understand and be part of your industry, locally and globally.
  20. Provide opportunities.
  21. Trust your team.

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