Wednesday, January 19, 2011


ser·en·dip·i·ty  - noun

1. an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

2. good fortune; luck: the serendipity of getting the first job she applied for.

"I like serendipity" tweeted back Liz Strauss yesterday when she asked the question about "how much of life should we plan?" and I responded, and believe, not all of it, because we need to leave room for the surprises, the ones that usually create the memories.

We are fortunate to live the lives we have, where we live them. This week there has been much discussion, as we move forward planning international meetings and incentives for others at least as hard working and fortunate as we are, about those who are not as fortunate. 

@debmorello had posted a haunting picture this week of a child prostitute, so wrong and still happening every day in the world. While this is very uncomfortable for us, I applaud her courage to make us uncomfortable. My 12 year old has been reading the book he received at Me to We  Global Voices, haunting stories of children hunted and living unimaginably, again every day. As his wise voice said "It's not easy to read mom, but it is important that we don't close our eyes just because we can." wow.

Last year I had the opportunity to see Patrick Henry Hughes speak at a conference we were supporting. What an incredible young man and an incredible family, for seeing past his challenges and instead focusing on what he could do. He has some words he lives by, that spell out the first letters of his name
  1. passion
  2. patience
  3. perserverance
  4. abilities
  5. attitude
  6. trust
Read his story and you will understand why I was inspired by his story, his virtuoso piano playing and singing, and what his father shares as well. We would all be blessed to have a family unit this strong.

Then there is the ongoing saga that began with Greg Mortenson and his three cups of tea. What one man can do with determination, and the earned support of many is truly incredible. 

Speaking of positive momentum, who has been touched by Love Drop in a postive (and only) way. What a great idea - stand up, applaud, support. It is simple.

At the end of our discussion, my friend Lisa and I determined that rather than feeling inadequate that we were not leading as many of the above are, we can and do choose to  live each day with good intent and positive, if smaller, actions, as every bit of positive momentum helps.  We will also try to not have every moment so planned that we can't take a path that might lead  us to surprising, magical, haunting, friendly, fun places where we can create connections and memories that might not have happened if we would have stayed in cleaning the house rather than enjoying a sunset at the beach... for example. This year is about continuing to embrace the experiences as they come at us.

I would leave just asking, what has been serendipitous for you?


  1. Hey Tahira, this right here: "we can and do choose to live each day with good intent and positive, if smaller, actions, as every bit of positive momentum helps" is *exactly* how every project we've done has come to be. That's how it starts . . . so small, so simply. And that's how it succeeds. Thank you so much for the love and support - it means the world.


  2. Every time we make big life changes and plans, after the very first decision/commitment is made, the rest always falls into place very "serendipitously"! That is one of my favourite words and also a great movie with John Cusack. :)

  3. yes, you have been one who has moved, changed and always had it work out... never boring, I love that. Plus you teach people, that is fun!