Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It is easy Being Green

Contrary to what Kermit said, it is easy being green. Green is life, signifying growth, health, renewal and of course, our environment.  Green is a movement, a way of life as we continue with the 4 r's and increase the health of our burgeoning planet. It is positive, GO with the green light signifying forward motion, or a green thumb as gardens are successful.

Green can also be the colour of new, as in a fresh sprout, or as in "being green" or "greenhorn" - the new kid on the block, lots to learn, and potentially much to contribute. 

As I have looked at all the other chakra colours, we will also look at green, the heart chakra, in the fourth position between the physical roots, and the metaphysical, it equalizes feelings as they pass through the heart; green is the balance point.

Green rooms are where the talent waits backstage, preparing to inspire and wow. A golf green is a place of deep happiness, challenge and occasionally frustration, or in this case, of astounding awe.
Furry Creek 14th hole
When we move into events, green can please, green can soothe or inspire. In centrepieces a whimsical recreation of golf, or fresh florals provides a pleasant counterpoint.

A much more impactful design can create a moment of "aaahhhhh" as guests enter. No matter how green is represented it enhances comfort as this cool colour soothes and re-energizes.

Two gorgeous events by Cantrav, capturing the light.

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