Monday, January 3, 2011


This year my son started late french immersion. It seems that so far much of his homework has involved what the teacher calls "art" and what appears to the uneducated parent mind to be - colouring. Since this is grade six, we are surprised by the sheer amount of "art" that is used to help them learn a language. We are also always amazed at their ability to take a thought, draw a truly well done and representative picture and to have more tools to express their ideas.

Using art to create environments is an awesome talent to share - below is a wall garden painted by a young artist, Chelsea Knutson when she was just 14, for our daughter.

It has also made me think about colour and expression. In the creative fields there is always the question - Do you
  1. Colour inside the lines? 
  2. Colour outside the lines? 
  3. Draw your own lines and choose your own colours?
All of them have their place... which way do you colour?

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