Sunday, January 9, 2011

Violet, Purple, Lilac, a colour by any other name...

The exploration coninues as we move to violet, the wicked combination of red and blue that is gorgeous in any form from clothing to nature, linen to light.

Violet is the colour at the top of the rainbow, and not coincidentally is also the colour of the highest chakra, the crown chakra which hovers over the brain and provides energy towards our thinking, spiritual awareness and self-knowledge. In nature it is the color of spring from crocuses to tulips, hyacinth to lavender, the first to spring from the earth and imbue us with colour.
In my backyard this always makes me smile as I know summer is not far off.

This picture, a classic shot of Vancouver, shows this city as it truly is, vibrant and cool!
In fashion, all shades of violet and purple are cyclical and fickle, it is truly a colour that is in or out when it comes to what we wear. In events, all shades are found, as this cool colour provides a depth and interest that plays well, from the icy cool in an ice palace themed event, to setting the stage during a fire and ice spectacle, or simply setting a tone for some truly awesome music to be enjoyed. Violet, purple and all shades between, it is not about the name, it is truly about the feeling it evokes.

The Commodore Ballroom in both these shots above, is an excellent venue to create a PARTY. Although several years apart, Brian Dennehy, that photographer who always exceeds, responsible for both captures.

Mobile, a great Canadian band on stage.
Does violet make you long for the fleeting glimpse of nature's wonder, the rainbow, as it does for me?

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