Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Final Colour Fun

There are so many colours still to explore, even black and white! So just before I move on to other burning topics, a few fun things and other people whose colour work I find inspiring. 

Well this one is just for fun... tells you by what colour you like a little about you. Check it out. http://ht.ly/3APiw

I have previously mentioned the Colour Institute (fascinating) but this year, the Pantone Honeysuckle I also find fascinating - this is the noted "Colour of 2011" and its applications will make the world seen "through rose coloured glasses" for sure.

What is your favourite colour? My friend, highly talented artist Doug Swinton, and lead customer service agent at Swintons Art has a message if you call him that says "leave your name, number and favorite colour" - of course I always do... the colour changes though!

Choosing colours is something that some people are very comfortable with, and some people simply are not. Shows like HGTV's Colour Confidential offer a really safe environment as Jane Lockhart has a unique way of sharing colour with people, and finding what their comfort zones are and then pushing them a bit.

I have already mentioned hair (Marsha, Marsha and Nicole!) and a little about red, my personal favorite. During my years as a stylist I also worked as a colour technician and instructor for a world leader in hair colour. I have always loved colour - red, black, blonde, brown, for various reasons and for various people that carry these off really well. Jaclyn Smith was my first brunette heroine; my friend and superstar owner of Greenscape Silk Corinne of Greenscape has amazing black hair, often with blue highlights; and blonde, well Portia Rossi in Ally McBeal - hello... and my daughter has just had her first (at 10) "when I was five I had blond hair" highlights - gorgeously natural from my long time stylist Trina, a true master of hair.

I love all things about colour, in light, linen, fashion, nature, events, and more. I appreciate also the comments from friends who have been inspired and who have remembered what they love about colour too - from times living in the Caribbean, visiting India, cooking and planning events and how they love it as I do. Now it is on to a new subject!

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